Apply for A National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a call for applications to its SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (SPRF) program. The goal of the fellowship is to provide advanced training and experience to early-career scientists, broaden participation of underrepresented groups in science, prepare doctoral level scientists for future careers, and assist new scientists in directing research efforts across disciplinary lines and national boundaries.

The fellowship has two tracks open for submissions:

Track 1, Fundamental Research in the SBE Sciences (SPRF-FR), aims to build fundamental knowledge of human behavior/interactions and organizations and systems. Research can advance knowledge and understanding of human behavior, human cognition, language, social and organizational behavior and culture, research on the interactions between human societies and the physical environment, and more.

Track 2, Broadening Participation in the SBE Sciences (SPRF-BP), looks to increase diversity of postdoctoral researchers who participate in NSF programs specifically in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. This track will prepare underrepresented scientists who share NSF’s diversity goal for careers in academia, government, or industry. “Proposals in the BP track will be evaluated on three general dimensions: first, the degree to which results would enhance theories and/ or methodological approaches in the SBE sciences; second, the strength of the proposed Fellow-Sponsoring Scientist team and host institution; and third, the promise of the potential Fellow’s investigation of driving research questions and future career development” the solicitation states. In addition, applications to the SPRF-BP track should include a section with the heading, “How this fellowship will help broaden or inform efforts to broaden the participation of underrepresented groups in the United States.”

Total award amounts have been increased to $160,000 which includes a $65,000 annual stipend as well as a $15,000 annual fellowship allowance. The deadline for proposals is January 10, 2023.

For more information, please visit the program summary here.

A detailed solicitation, which includes eligibility requirements as well as application instructions, can be found here.

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