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How to Find a Counselor For Your Child

Counselor Beverly Hills, CAEvery child will have emotional ups and downs. Some days might appear to be more of a struggle than others. Difficulties with friends, drops in academic performance, and bouts of moodiness do happen. However, there may be a point in which you feel that your child is experiencing something more than a bad day, or a rough week at school. When this is true, you might be wondering whether or not a Beverly Hills, CA counselor can help. 

Meet the Sukha Wellness Institute

At Sukha Wellness Institute we empathize with what you, as a parent or loved one of a child, may be going through. We know you might feel confused, and we want you to know we are here to help. We connect parents, guardians, and caretakers to counselors that work with children of all ages. Our role is to make the process of searching for a qualified counselor in Beverly Hills, CA easier. 

How Do You Know if Your Child is Struggling With Issues That Need to Be Addressed?

Some struggles are completely normal. As a child develops, he or she is expected to face a broad range of struggles. Moodiness, social difficulties, issues at school, or anxiety will likely occur to some degree during childhood. These hurdles are a part of growing up. Usually they are temporary and actually help the child to develop new skills that will help them later on in life. 

That said, sometimes what might at first seem like a normal struggle in childhood can evolve into something that is more serious. If your child is exhibiting any of the following, searching for a counselor in Beverly Hills, California might be a good idea. 

Your child is having difficulties in multiple areas of life, such as friendships, family relationships, academia, leisure activities, and so forth. 

You are hearing statements like “No one would miss me if I ran away.”; “No one cares about me.”, or “I wish I wasn’t alive.”

Your child is engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as picking at their skin, pulling out hair, cutting themselves, and more.

Your child has withdrawn from activities, family, or friends. 

You have noticed significant changes in their appetite, sleeping patterns, or weight.

You noticed excessive fears or worries about the future. 

Your child is engaging in frequent negative behaviors. 

Your child expresses feelings of hopelessness. 

Your child is talking about suicide or death. 

It is equally important to trust your instincts. You know your child and likely can feel when something is not right. You should not ignore this instinct. It is better to follow that feeling and get your child the help they may need rather than ignore it. 

Reaching Out to Your Child

Addressing your concerns with the child might be worrisome; especially, if you feel that it is a sensitive topic. Sukha Wellness Institute can talk with you about how to approach your child about seeing a counselor in Beverly Hills, CA. More often than not, the conversation goes very well. Many parents are able to ask the child if they feel like it’s something they need help with, and the response is a yes. Children are often very willing to get help. They want to be happy. 

Sukha Wellness Institute can refer you to a counselor who is a good match for your child. We can also recommend other resources that may be beneficial. The extra support and guidance provided by a counselor in Beverly Hills, CA can help your child, as well as you, learn coping skills and strategies to address and handle problems. Ultimately, seeking help can make your child’s life, and yours, better. Call Sukha Wellness Institute today to speak with a Beverly Hills, CA counselor. 

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