Our Methodology … in a Nutshell


First, you register by completing our 100 question, questionnaire which has been developed by our team leadership team consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, dietitians, chiropractors, therapists, and other healthcare practitioners. On average, completing the questionnaire takes our members roughly 2 to 3 hours. Yes, it takes time, and this is the first step in our members understanding our often-quoted mantra: You Must Actually Do the Work! The questionnaire is intended to elicit detailed information about all aspects of your wellness, stemming from any current crisis you may be having, your history of working with different types of medical and wellness practitioners, a narrative of what has worked and what has not, and more. All answers are optional, but the more information you provide, the better we can help. 

Second, your profile will be reviewed by members of our team, and a complimentary call will be schedule with one of our certified coaches. During this call you will be asked to answer any clarifying questions, and together with the coach, begin to identify your goals going forward. A few things to remember at this state. If you’re currently in therapy, you’ll be encouraged to remain in therapy. For now. If you’re currently taking any form of medicine prescribed by a physician, you’ll be encouraged to continue taking that medicine and receiving treatment from the physician. Our goal is not to change any aspects of your wellness which are working, but rather, to layer on additional dimensions in pursuit of your sukha. 

Third, you’ll register on our portal where you and your coach will together track your progress, and which will be used as the north star for your accountability. 

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