Psychologist Beverly Hills, CA

Psychologist Beverly Hills, CA

Psychologist Beverly Hills, CADo you struggle to find inner peace, everlasting joy, and a purpose that makes your soul feel whole again? Sukha Wellness Institute is a community of like-minded people that can help guide you to a more purposeful life. Sukha Wellness Institute has monthly meetings that are one-on-one, wellness leaders, therapists, psychiatrists, dietitians, coaches and much more.

Sukanunah Wellness is a way for you to take back control of your life—especially your mental health. The holistic approach to mental health that Sukha Wellness Institute has focuses on the importance of different disciplines at different times to achieve everlasting peace, joy and happiness.

What Is Happiness?

Happiness is an emotional state that is often characterized and described by feeling joy, satisfaction, contentment, or fulfillment. Happiness has different meanings for everyone, but it’s often described to be the positive emotions you experience.

This positive emotion can be fleeting and may be associated with specific events, people, or items. Psychologists often call happiness a “subjective well-being” because it is so broadly defined and means something to everyone.

Two Components of Happiness

The balance of emotions is the first component of happiness. Everybody experiences positive and negative emotions, moods, and feelings. Happiness is often linked to positive feelings rather than negative, but this can change because of an individual’s life experiences.

The second component of happiness is life satisfaction. How satisfied you feel with different areas of your life, such as relationships, work, achievements and more, can affect how happy you are.

How to Know If You’re Happy

Many people have a mental list of what they think they need to be happy. From things their family has taught them equals happiness to things society thinks make you happy. But your perception may be different than what you think it should be, and that is okay. Some key signs of happiness according to psychologists in Beverly Hills, CA are:

– Feeling like you are living the life you always wanted.

– Feeling that you have good conditions in your life.

– Feeling that you have accomplished or will accomplish everything you want in life.

– Feeling satisfied with life.

– Feeling more positive than negative.  

Happiness is not a state of constant euphoria, but Sukha Wellness Institute can help you find a psychologist to work with so that you can be the happiest you’ve ever been. There are so many types of happiness out there, you just have to find the right ones for you.

Some Types of Happiness:

– Hedonia is happiness derived from pleasure, often associated with doing what feels good, self-care, fulfilling your desires, experiencing enjoyment and feeling a sense of satisfaction. Hedonia is better known as “pleasure” today.

– Eudaimonia is a type of happiness that’s derived from seeking meaning. Do you feel that your life has meaning, value, and a purpose? This is often associated with fulfilling goals, investing in goals, responsibilities being fulfilled and the concern for the welfare of other people. This is better known as “meaning” today.

If you are struggling to be happy, for whatever reason, reach out to Sukha Wellness Institute about finding a psychologist in Beverly Hills, CA for your needs today. Each psychologist is going to be handpicked for your needs, to help you become happier with life and with yourself.

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