The 6 Most Important Things Science Learned About How to Live a Happy, Fulfilled Life in 2022

Go back 25 years or so and psychology was almost exclusively focused on investigating mental illnesses and the suffering they caused. Then in 1998 pioneering psychologist Martin Seligman took up his term as president of the American Psychological Association and declared a new focus on “positive psychology.”

This new area of study wouldn’t look at disease and disorder, it would study human flourishing with the aim of increasing the well-being and resilience of everyday people. A revolution was born and it’s been ongoing ever since. 

2022 was no exception. This year researchers around the world have continued to produce breakthrough studies showing how regular people can live happier, more meaningful lives. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, one of the best outlets for following developments in the field, recently released its year-end round up. Here are some of the findings that will be most useful to entrepreneurs looking t0 boost their well-being in 2023. 

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