Adam Grant Talks Mental Health With Prince Harry: ‘Your Body Cannot Function Without Your Mind’

Not everyone prioritizes their mental fitness. But Prince Harry believes that they should: “We all have greatness within us,” the royal says in a video for the wellness startup BetterUp released this week. “Mental fitness helps us unlock it.” 

In the video, the Duke of Sussex sat down with organizational psychologist Adam Grant, snowboarding Olympian Chloe Kim, and a BetterUp member to discuss ways to build and maintain resilience. BetterUp is a San Francisco-based leadership coaching company, which the royal joined last year as chief impact officer.

Most people are aware that if they don’t take care of their bodies, they don’t function at peak performance. But that same awareness does not extend to mental fitness, says Grant, who is also a member of BetterUp’s Science Board. “If we do not invest in mental fitness, performance cannot be sustained,” he explains. “Your body cannot function without your mind.”

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