Therapist Santa Monica, CA

Therapist Santa Monica, CA

Therapist Santa Monica, CAThose who are searching for a therapist in Santa Monica, CA often rely on the services of Sukha Wellness Insitute. We know that looking for a great therapist doesn’t come easy. You may be asking yourself, who will you know if you’ll even like your therapist? Rest assured that we do the searching for you and can match with you a well-suited therapist. We know what to look for, and are happy to help! 

After completing a questionnaire about your health, we can talk with you about our team-centered approach and how this contributes to your overall wellness. For example, we may think we only need to see a therapist, but other health professionals such as personal trainers, psychiatrists, or acupuncturists can optimize our wellbeing even further. 

When searching for an ideal therapist for you, here are just a few qualities that we may look for:

Strong Sense of Empathy

A therapist must be able to identify with and understand their patient’s experiences, as this is the key to practicing empathy. Patients who feel as if their therapist is cold and aloof are less likely to feel comfortable opening up about thoughts and feelings. A good therapist can empathize even if they do not agree, as they are not there to judge their patient’s perspectives or behavior. To find a compassionate CA therapist in Santa Monica, call Sukha Wellness Institute today.

Listens to Understand

Therapists have to actively listen to what their patients are saying, and not saying. For instance, a sexual abuse survivor who doesn’t speak about traumatic events may express themselves through silence instead of words. A good therapist listens to body language and the heart of the matter so patient’s can work through difficult events. 

Effective Communication

A patient cannot thrive if their therapist doesn’t have strong communication skills. A therapist with good social skills can gently carry conversation when working with shy, uncomfortable, or new patients. These communications skills should be present during therapy, on the phone, and via email. We always look for therapists who are kind and effective communicators. 

Ability to Assess Patients

People with conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma often turn to therapists to heal or recover. A therapist who is not experienced enough to properly diagnose a patient could cause more harm than good. We confirm every therapist’s educational and medical background before matching them with patients. 

Call Sukha Wellness Now

Finding a therapist has never been easier, especially with the fact that we have access to information within seconds online. However, not every therapist is going to be ideal for you. Let us do the searching for you. Call Sukha Wellness Institute to be matched with a qualified therapist in Santa Monica, California!

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