“I never realized how important accountability is. My coach makes sure I’m actually doing the work, and by being held accountable to the team, I’m also accountable to myself. This has been a gamechanger.”


Richard Douglas

“I wasn’t personally interested in going to therapy, or taking pills. I wasn’t happy, but I had never really worked on it. By having a coach to speak to, and developing my own plan for yoga, meditation, and exercise, and then being held accountable, gave me a purpose I have never experienced. Thanks to everyone.”

Evelyn Watson

“I really like how I was encouraged to stay in therapy, and take my anti-depressants. But I was also able to explore other solutions, namely community. The small group sessions have helped me surround myself with like-minded people, and that has brought me a lot of peace.”

Charles Cooper

“I really look forward to my monthly coaching meetings. We review the work I’ve done (yes, you “must do the work”) and what I’m working on. I’ve always been overweight, and never really explored the “why” behind it, or the impact that it’s had on my life. I’ve lost 45 pounds, and feel so much better about myself all the way around.” 

Crystal Little

“Before I joined, I never really had thought about what my purpose is. I just sort of existed. But with the help of my coach and my group, I’ve been able to focus more on becoming a “human being” and less on a “human doing.” I understand my purpose more, and have much more peace and joy.”

Rose Spencer

“I was so depressed when I first joined. The team helped me find a therapist, and a psychiatrist, which I am grateful for. And I’m now exercising, dieting, and focusing more on yoga. I look at mental wellness in a way I never have before, and could not be more appreciative of my coach. I wish I had more time to write, but I’m off to journal in my gratitude journal!”

Jane Mills
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