Psychiatrist Santa Monica, CA

Psychiatrist Santa Monica, CA

Psychiatrist Santa Monica, CAAt Sukha Wellness Insitute, we are well aware that locating a qualified psychiatrist in Santa Monica, CA can be tough. Unless you know someone who can give you a recommendation for a psychiatrist, you may not be sure where to begin in your search. Even so, you may find that your friend or family member’s psychiatrist doesn’t quite match with you. So how about you let us search for you instead? 

After completing a questionnaire, we will have a better idea of your needs and how we can find the best possible team to work with you. We take a comprehensive approach, which means that depending on your symptoms or condition, we may suggest other health professionals along with a psychiatrist who can help you become your best self. 

What are Psychiatrists?

Psychiatrists train as medical doctors, but their work encompasses human emotions, behavior, and thinking. Discoveries in the scientific mental health community have widened our understanding in disorders of the mind. What a person thinks, feels, and does are rooted in deep processes within the brain and nervous system. Disorders can be treated through medications and other psychotherapy methods. Essentially, it is the job of a psychiatrist to evaluate and diagnose patients, then create a care plan that may include prescription medication. 

Daily Work of a Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists work in many settings, including health clinics, private practice, rehabilitation centers, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, research settings, colleges, virtually online, and more. Depending, a psychiatrist may recommend that their patient get testing done, such as x-rays, cat-scan, or blood test, to see if a physical illness or neurological disorder underlies the mental health condition. To learn more about finding a CA psychiatrist in Santa Monica for you, call Sukha Wellness Institute now.

If a medication is prescribed, both the psychiatrist and patients work closely together to determine whether a medication is effective. A psychiatrist may suggest scheduled check-ins to see how things are going. The benefits, risks, side-effects, and potential outcomes will be assessed. In some cases, a medication may need to be changed in dosage or type. Your psychiatrist may suggest taking medication in addition to other treatment, including EMDR therapy, behavior modification, and desensitization therapy (phobias).

Let Us at Sukha Wellness Help You

The search for a psychiatrist doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Instead of trying the search on your own, let us find the most suitable psychiatrist for you. We are here to support your well-being and hope that you call today for more information. Reach out to Sukha Wellness Institute today about locating a Santa Monica, CA psychiatrist near you.

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