Can Single People ‘Manifest’ a New Partner?

Just over a month before Jocelyn Woods and Mia Garcia met, they sat down independently and listed the qualities that each was seeking in a partner.

“From how they cooked to the interactions they would have with their family, I was extremely specific,” said Ms. Woods, a 23-year-old director who lives in Los Angeles. Later, the pair would meet at a friend’s birthday party, feel “immediately like best friends” (according to Ms. Garcia, a 21-year-old musician who also lives in Los Angeles) and then, four weeks into dating, show each other these pages.

Had they somehow manifested their relationship?

Manifestation is a form of intention setting that involves focusing one’s thoughts on a desired outcome until it happens. It’s a line of psychological thought that was popularized by books including the 2006 best seller “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne, but has been practiced in various forms throughout history.

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