Review Proposals for The National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes

Please consider volunteering for the interdisciplinary panels that will review proposals submitted to NSF’s upcoming National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes competition. (For more details, please see the program information page, which has links to the solicitation, FAQ, and more.) This is an opportunity both to serve and to learn about and shape this ongoing national initiative.  

This year the program will review Full proposals in virtual panels (remote participation) in August and September. The program officers conducting these panels need expertise from our sciences as well as your perspectives on building the next generation of talent, strategic impact of institute activities, and more. Note that although this call is for panelists for Theme 2 (Neural and Cognitive Foundations of Artificial Intelligence), several of the major themes this year are highly relevant to our communities.

If you are interested, please complete the survey at

Note that you may still serve as a panelist even if you are submitting a proposal to the competition. We will be organizing the panels in different themes to minimize potential conflicts of interest. 

Please forward this to any of your colleagues who might be interested!

If you have questions or concerns, email the program at:  

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