Therapist Beverly Hills, CA

Therapist Beverly Hills, CA

Therapist Beverly Hills, CADo you struggle to find inner peace, everlasting joy, and a purpose that makes your soul feel whole again? Sukha Wellness Institute is a community of like-minded people that can help guide you to a more purposeful life. Sukha Wellness Institute has monthly meetings that are one-on-one, wellness leaders, therapists, psychiatrists, dietitians, coaches and much more.

Sukanunah Wellness is a way for you to take back control of your life—especially your mental health. The holistic approach to mental health that Sukha Wellness Institute has focuses on the importance of different disciplines at different times to achieve everlasting peace, joy and happiness.

Between the therapist in Beverly Hills, CA options that you can find with Sukha Wellness Institute, and the accountability system, you will find your way to a purposeful life. Sukha Wellness Institute operates with nine precepts of “sustained success”, which will be listed below and mentioned briefly.

– The first is that you will have a monthly meeting with your coach, chart your progress, note failures and successes.

– If something’s worked for you in the past, don’t change it. Let us know, we’ll mix it into the system we’re creating for you.

– Do you need resources? Let us know. We’ll get those together for you.

– A community can help you in finding your peace. Like-minded people can really be helpful when trying to overcome anything.

– That comfort zone you’re a fan of? Sukha Wellness Institute says that it is our job to gently encourage you to expand that zone.

– Diet and exercise is important in general, but sometimes, small changes can have huge payoffs and Sukha Wellness Institute is going to encourage those changes.

– Journaling is a way for you to solidify your ambitions, motivations, and goals. You can also document your successes and efforts.

– Researchers review and monitor peer-reviewed journals involving happiness and how to be happy.

– Frequently changing your routine to cut out what does not work will help you make pivots which you can discuss with your coach.

But what good is therapy in finding your inner and everlasting joy, peace, and purpose? Let’s look at it!

How Can Therapy Help You Find Happiness?

Many people have a mental list of what they think they need to be happy. From things their family has taught them equals happiness to things society thinks make you happy. However most therapists deal with people who are actually hurting as they try to achieve happiness according to society or their family.

Say you started losing weight because you wanted to fit society’s beauty standard, when you attend therapy, your therapist may find that you have become obsessive with your weight loss and it is developing into a problem that is affecting your ability to be happy with yourself.

If you are struggling to be happy, for whatever reason, reach out to Sukha Wellness Institute about finding a therapist in Beverly Hills, CA for your needs today. Each therapist is going to be handpicked for your needs, to help you become happier with life and with yourself. 

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