Want to Raise Kind, Generous Kids? Take Them to an Art Museum

Entrepreneur parents work long hours building their companies to provide materially for their families and make sure they can offer their kids the best start in life. But most would probably agree that the monetary side of things is only part of the battle. Few parents would be satisfied if they gave their kids everything money can buy, but their children ended up rude, selfish, and self-absorbed. 

Everyone wants to raise successful kids, but a big part of being successful is being a kind and generous person. So how can parents give their kids the best while also doing their best to ensure they raise decent, thoughtful little people? Psychology has already had plenty to say about how kids turn into brats–and how your family can avoid that fate. But a new study offers another unexpected suggestion: Take your kids to more art museums

The incredible power of awe 

You may be wondering what possible connection a day viewing Van Gogh or Picasso could have to raising an empathetic kid. Certainly, museums make children more worldly and cultured, but how do they make them kinder? The link, according to the new study, recently published in Psychological Science, is awe

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